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Hey, I'm Gabby! 👋🏽 Here's a little about me, in the form of a timeline of my life

Age 17: Took my first solo trip/ Iceland. Terrified. But lifechanging. Knew I wanted to travel so much more.

Age 18: Won my first scholarship. $1,000. Started think... Where can I find other free money for stuff I want/need?!

Age 21: Won $40,000 inn study abroad scholarships (!!!) 1-year in Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪. Lifechanging. Knew I didn't want to be an engineer (sorry dad!) Wanted to travel full-time... Some day.

Age 22: Won my first PTO—a fully-funded trip to South Korea 🇰🇷 OMG. Applied to more more more.

Age 24: Quit my engineering job to travel full-time as a travel influencer! ...Pandemic. Still made 6-figure as an influencer, though!

Age 25: Actually left to travel full time! 15 countries in a year. Remote Work & Digital Nomad Queen 👸🏽 Won a PTO to Austria 🇦🇹

Age 26 (NOW): Still working for myself as a travel influencer. Still traveling as a full-time digital nomad. Won PTOs to Fiji 🇫🇯, South Africa 🇿🇦, and Mexico 🇲🇽 this year alone!

...Anyway. I'm here to teach you how you can do it all too!

I show proof on TikTok all the time!

How to Study Abroad as an Adult


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How to Travel for Free


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How to See Opportunity in Your Life!


#stitch with @desi_seabird I’m an #OpportunityExpert now 🤷🏽‍♀️ I have a whole TEDx talk on this (another crazy thing I applied to lol)

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